Genetic Testing Results

Today was the day we’ve been waiting for. Time has flown, and yet at the same time I can feel each second ticking by, so slow, one after the other. It has been emotional day…

We finally heard from Riley this afternoon about our genetic testing results. Jeremy and myself are both carriers of a recessive mutated EARS 2 gene which when put together, presents as Leigh’s Disease. Every child we would possibly conceive in the future would have a 1 in 4 chance of being born with Leigh’s Disease. Because of this fact, it is the recommendation of the doctors that we should not try to have any more children naturally, since Leigh’s Disease is a death sentence. If we still want to try to have our own children we will need to have IVF if we want a guarantee they will be disease free.

This has been a pretty devastating blow to say the least. We knew that it was a 99% chance that this would be the results, but to know for sure that we can never try to have any more children on our own is just crushing. I couldn’t stop crying at work today, so I went home early. I appreciate my coworkers so much as they have been so supportive. Sometimes you just need people to hug you and cry with you, and they did just that for me today.

There are just so many different emotions we are experiencing right now… sadness, guilt, fear, uncertainty… when will we ever get to be parents again? What if I accidentally get pregnant and have to bury another child? Why do we keep receiving knockdown, after knockdown?

While we may not have any answers, and may never have some of them, we are trying to face our new knowledge with courage. Whenever I feel like giving up I look at my Lincoln bracelet. That little boy showed this momma what it truly means to be strong and courageous. If my 5 month old son can fight with all his strength until his final breath, than so can I. We are going to make him one proud baby!

Please continue to pray for us and our families as we process this news and what it means for our family. We appreciate all the love and support more than we could ever let you know. I ask also that you will consider donating to Lincoln’s Research fund. You can do so by clicking the link above on the menu bar. The money goes to developing life prolonging treatments and hopefully someday a cure. Our son will help future little ones and maybe keep other mommies and daddies from saying goodbye so soon. Love to you all.

My Lincoln bracelets

My Lincoln bracelets

One thought on “Genetic Testing Results

  1. God has revealed to you an insight, a glimpse into the mechanics of why, that for thousands of years parents didn’t have. And I know God only reveals Himself to those who are strong enough to do His work and return to Him the glory that is due. And you both have chosen to do just that.

    Obviously, we can’t possibly know “why” things happen the way they happen on our journey. But God does tell us that only those tempered with the highest levels of faith are called to walk hand in hand with Him through raging torrents that others could never wade, nor glorify Him in faith.

    And you’re right, again, God used a babe to be strong and save others. As Christ showed his mother the way to be strong to the very end and have faith…Lincoln, now a warrior for the Kingdom, showed you guys how to be strong…how to love regardless of the situation.

    Continue to prayerfully search the future. This is NOT the end for your family, its God shedding light on a darkened path of the unknowing. Its Him revealing more and more information that allows you to decide how to serve Him as you move forward in your walk together with Him.

    You guys are going to both; be amazed at what’s in store, and forever carry the burden of loss. But both will be bathed in the Spirit.

    Love you both. And will forever be praying for God’s Strength, Grace and Mercy…

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