The Journey

The first step of a road I didn’t want to take.

My first breath after yours had ended.

My heart shattered in pieces on the ground.

The trauma of your death is inscribed on my bones.

It tells of our journey through the depths.

The pain of watching your suffering, leaving its branded mark.

I embrace each emotion, and let it testify to your existence on this earth.

Each heart beat is dedicated to you and your precious memory.

Your extraordinary being.

O my little cherished one.

Our souls connected with each gaze.

Your eyes that held the galaxies.

The joy of your life resides in my heart, my very soul.

You changed who I am.

You are changing who I am.

Each second, every breath, one moment after another is leading me back to you.

Your sweetest smile.

I keep pressing onward.

I let each kind word tell your story.

Every deed spread the love for you I hold in my heart.

On these your legacy is built.

And when at long last, my eyes close to this earth, I will follow you down that familiar path.

The missing piece of my heart will return to me.

My treasure.

My boy.

I am whole.

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