Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on you. Through it all, through it all, it is well. So let go my soul, and trust in you. It is well with my soul
~taken from It Is Well

I’ve missed Lincoln SO MUCH lately… I miss him constantly, my heart is just aching for him. I was so encouraged at church though today. Jim Lo was guest speaking, as October is our missions month. He was speaking about how we need to allow the Holy Spirit to help us and empower us everyday to spread the love of Christ to the lost.

As people were responding to the invitation at the end of service I could just feel the Holy Spirit stirring. As I felt waves of chills come over me, I felt God speaking directly to my spirit. He told me that He knows and understands my pain, and that the Holy Spirit would be giving me the strength and comfort I need to carry on what He still has for me to do before I can come home and see My Lincoln again… all that is required of me is to truly rest in His embrace.

It was such an enormous encouragement. I could just feel my spirit being uplifted.

I know there is much left to do before I can go home. As I share my son’s story with everyone I possibly can, there is heart-break, but there is also HOPE. I know of people who have come to know Christ through my little Lincoln. How truly awesome. God is bringing as much good as can possibly come from tragedy. I believe that is what it means when God says He will work all things together for the good of those who love Him. No matter what our tragedy is, or how badly we hurt, God wants to take our story and use it for something beautiful in a way that only He can create.

This is my prayer…

Dear Lord,

I surrender my pain and sorrow to You. Help me to rely on you as I go about this life that you are redeeming for your glory. I ask that you will give me the courage and strength to share with others your own story of hope. I want my light to burn brightly as a beacon to those who are hurting, lost and in need of love and comfort that only you can give. I am choosing to hold on to hope and your peace that passes all earthly understanding. It is with a grateful heart that I ask these things in the name of Jesus my Savior.


3 thoughts on “Reassurance

  1. Stephanie: As I read this I, too, felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue on your journey and continue to spread God’s love and comfort to others who are hurting. Love you.

  2. I admire your strength you are such a good person and so much stronger then I could ever be.

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