For Lincoln <3

My dearest little love,

How can 3 years have passed already? It has felt like forever, and yet a breath… I continue to hold you in my heart, and hold Jesus even closer, as I run this path that is so empty without you in it.  Thank you for inspiring me, for being an amazing example of strength to your mommy and daddy. When I face something difficult, I often think of you and all you faced, and I press on. You overcame so much in your brief time here. Words can’t describe the sorrow that I carry with me, as your memory floods my mind everyday. I miss your gorgeous blue eyes, and your special smile with that knowing look in your eyes. Our hearts were connected from the start my little one, and they still are, as part of my heart went with you that day, exactly 3 years ago. I’m forever counting down the days, minutes, and seconds, until we are reunited, never again to part. The joy that will fill my heart that day will be indescribable!

Until that sweet day, I will continue to carry on your legacy Lincoln. The lives that will be touched because of the gift of music therapy that you gave mommy, will spread goodness in your memory for many years to come. I thank God everyday that He chose me to be your Mom, to care for such a precious gift, for no matter how short a time. Jesus brought us together, and He will bring us together again someday my son.

Mommy loves you more than I could ever express, but I know you saw my love for you every time you looked in my eyes. Have Jesus send mommy and daddy a little extra strength today.

I love you Lincoln!!!



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